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Transmission Problems


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Hopefully I put this in the right category, but i need some help diagnosing a transmission problem on a plow truck.


It's a '78 Chevy 3/4 ton Full time 4X4 with a 350 transmission. It drives fine until you come up to a stoplight or are not moving with the trans in drive. Then while your waiting for the light to turn, the engine rpm will start creeping up, then there is a swoosh noise, follwed by a few leaks out of the trans near the front of the bell housing. When you give it gas, it acts as if it has a 3000 stall in it, then drives fine once you get moving. If you don't sit at the light very long, it acts normal. Seems to do this only in 1st gear and only once you have sat still in drive, kinda like it's heating up bad. It does have a somewhat burnt smell from the fluid when checking the level.


Does this sound like the torque converter, or a front pump ?? Any idea's?? Trying to decide if i want to keep it and get it fixed, or send it down the road and get another plow truck.... :confused:

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