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Black is the fastest color


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Well raced ANOTHER stock blue SS today, 2003 Cool guy actually, he saw me on the freeway 99 north and he pulled up next to me and signaled and we played around a bit on the freeway. Then we got off at an exit and we ligned up at a red. Light turned green! It was equal all through 1st, we both brake+gas launched it. I pulled half a truck ahead at the top of 2nd gear right before hitting 3rd and I stayed there until 90 mph where we let off and he flipped a biztch and left forever!! Black-1 Blue-0



:D nice guy tho. :driving::cool:


p.s. I had my a\c full blast, im sure his wasnt on cuze he had both his windows down. :D just to add a little more to it :D:happysad:

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