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WTB: 03 Silverado SS fan/clutch/housing


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Hello, looking for a lightly used shroud and fan/clutch assembly to swap out my 2006 Z71s e fans (not cooling up to par). I believe the fan and shroud will fit the new 34" radiator used in e fan trucks. Please let me know what you have to offer, price and miles on the units.




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I really don't see it as taking a step back, I look at it as upgrading a new chevy 1/2 ton car to a truck. Real trucks don't run electric fans when they are required to work, the reason? These fans can't move the air like a clutch fan. Even the service manager where I take my truck said switching back to a stock fan would improve cooling as the clutch fan will still pull air when the PCM may command the e fans off. Yes I am running a diablo programer on the 87 tune. It seems to work well enough and I did lower my temps so we'll see.


As for a price, I'd have to believe shipping is going to be a huge cost. Do you think 125 shipped is fair (only if the shroud can be broken into two pieces which should lower shipping cost, you can also ship to a business as this is cheaper).


I'll probably sell my e fans if I see an better cooling with the clutch fan.

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well you can have a mnual switch to run the fans if you need but you can set t hem at what ever temp on/off you wish, but not with the handheld. im just trying to help you out . so take it for what its worth. and i doube those clutch fans can pull as much air as 2 e fans, maybe at really high rpms but your hardly ever at high rpms with normal driving and that is where e fans shine not to mentionthe less drag on the motor that also free's up some power.SO if you want to sell your fans go ahead you will make someone really happy .but i dont think youll find the reults your looking for with a clutch fan!

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