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New Exhaust


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Well, I graduated to a full 3" custom exhaust today. I used 2 High flow metal substrate cats (570cfm benched) a 3 inch X pipe and 2 18 inch L by 3" Magnaflows. Everything is in 304 stainless except for the x pipe which is in 400 series stainless. Sorry for the crappy pics as it was getting late, rained on me and I didn't get a chance to wipe down the pipes and grind / clean up the welds (still has flux and dirt on them as well.


Points I considered are: 1. Make sure the intermediate pipe on the driver's side dips far enough down so I can remove the front D-shaft when needed. 2. Make sure I have breaks in the system so I can drop the tranny if need be :ughdance: 3. Make it as freeflowing as possible while making it as quiet as possible. 4. Make sure that there is sufficient room between the pipes and the frame (I can't stand banging pipes!) and make sure that it is SOLID.


Now, the sound is 100x better than the old magnaflow set-up I had. There is NO cab drone. I can actually hold a conversation while driving again! :thumbs: It doesn't have that "glasspack" popping at WOT, in fact it is down right tame. Just what I was looking for...I can hear Maggie whine again :driving: I am still up in the air about tips. I used a generic high polished tip that I can live with for now. I like the Corsa tips but do not want to spend the $$ on them.


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that looks great i plan on doing the exact same . what headers are you using?? are those the magnaflow cats?? and did you cut out some of your body panel for the exhaust tips?? how about anbother shot of that??

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I had my favorite muffler shop fab up the ideas I had. I did however finish up some welding. To save $$$ I said to use scrap 304 they had laying around the shop and to MIG not TIG. The costs skyrocket if you want a show car finish (TIG welded 304) with custom mandrel bends. I saved at least $800 doing it this way. I just wanted the flow of a true dual 3" system and looks were not that important to me (at least under the truck).


I will put up a closer shot of the tips when I am at my home computer. Body panel was cut from my last system so I just used the same location) The cats are not Magnaflow. The shop is a distributor of Random Technology but the shop guy showed the flow data on both the ones I have and the RT ones. The RT's flowed a tad bit more but were $100 more each :eek: I will find out the name for you. They appeared to be a high quality piece and was metal substrate.


The X-pipe is just a Magnaflow piece. You buy it from them and weld it in. Headders are ASM. If you want true 3", you will need to make custom collectors.



Bryan,...the tires are holding up just fine :D


Again, the sound is AMAZINGLY quiet. My wife instantly knew I spent more $$$ on the truck :sigh: For comparison, my father's cat- back Gibson on a 99 6.0L 2500 is louder. I still love the Flowmaster sound but the stealth of the dual 18" Magnaflows is hard to pass-up.

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