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need some suggestions!! well i have been doing some house cleaning tonight and the grout in the shower is kicking my ass. i have a new house and my fiance is a huge clean freak and she has used so many different chemicals to clean the shower that i think she has taken all the sealer off the grout and now i have got some mildew in the grout and cant seem to get it all out. anyone have suggestion on how to get it all out before i reseal the tile and grout.

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Tile-x works pretty good. Also, bleach works well on mildew, but be sure to use with lots of ventilation!! Sometimes if it is too bad you may have to remove the grout from the affected areas and put in new and reseal. If you have to remove it, go to the hardware store and get a tool specifically made for grout removal. They are cheap and well worth it. Makes a tough job easy.

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