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New Charger


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I put ours into service about a month ago. It's got the "Hemi"! :crackup: We have

just under 4k on it and one officer said the brakes are pulsing (out of round rotors)

on it already. I'll be taking it in to have it checked on Tuesday. I haven't driven it

much, just to and from our local equipment installers but it seems pretty "peppy".

We only bought one because we want to see how they hold up and how the guys

like them. Here's a pic of ours:


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Looks interesting, it has been a while since mopar vehicles have been used on the force.

And the last ones they built were real pieces of S***! Dodge Diplomat's & Plymouth Fury's just didn't cut it. Now go back a few years to the late 60's early 70's and they had some HOT cars, Polara's, Fury's with the 400's & 440's would really get down the road!

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