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anyplace in dallas to buy hi po parts for the vmax


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Just curious but is there any place in Dallas to buy all the hi po parts for the vmax or are the vendors here the best shot? Also, I hear a lot about PCMforless tunes, has anyone used Nelson Tunes? Just wonderin

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There's a few guys that can help in the DFW area, they just advertise word-of-mouth in the Vette and F-body communities. Sorry I cannot help with specific suggestions, the mods I've gotten so far have not required that kind of professional help; when the day comes I do a cam swap then I'll start searching for someone local to help me with tuning (personally I'm leaning a bit towards LG Motorsports in Wylie).


Mr. P.

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OK then, thanx for the help. Didnt really consider LG for the truck even though they did great work on the vette back b4 I had kids and all my toys started disappearing :eek: . Just kidding I love my kids and wouldnt trade them for anything

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