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spewing coolant


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Well, my truck has a new t-stat and a new coolant cap, it no longer overheats. However, everynow and then it will spew out quite a bit of coolant trough the overflow tube. I know for a fact that the truck is not overheating. Can it be that the overflow tank is messed up? Sometimes it waits until i shut the truck down, and other times it happens when im driving. What can possibly cause this?


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When you refilled the system you only filled the puke-tank halfway, right?  If it's overfilled it will discharge excess during the post-shutoff heatsoak period...


Mr. P. :)

:withstupid: Also make sure you have the correct cap, I have seen some cheap aftermarket ones do that.


But it was thirsty........


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Double ck to see if you dont have a coolant flow problem. If it looks like its bubbling and burping out the tube on the side its not the jug. If the jug was bad it would not burp coolant out at times, the only way it would cause a coolant loss is if it had a crack but it would leak coolant all the time

Also make sure you have a 50/50 mixture in there. :thumbs:

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man i seriously felel bad for you man, you have had the most problems with the littleist things, i hope everythign work out for the good of things that new engine should do the sts some good, time to crank that boost!!

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