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Mid '90's pick-up


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So, when I left for Vegas last Sunday I was driving to San Jose to go to the airport, and on Hwy 680 this mid 90's Silverado kept messing with me like he wanted to race... Now he's by himself in his truck, 20" wheels and a camper shell. I've got 4 other people and all the luggage for 5 days in Vegas for 4 people and I finally got tired of him ****ing with me so I got behind him in the far right lane and he was on it.... so, when traffic cleared up a bit I got over and went by him like he was standing still.... I got over 3 lanes and just stayed in it, so there would be no doubt on who's truck was faster. I looked down and I was doing a little over 100mph and just slowed back down to about 70-75.... then he comes up beside me again, and he's got this huge smile on his face and he waves like he doesn't want anymore.... I thought that was pretty funny....

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ha ha! nice kill... :D


the same thing happened to me when i was in spokane last weekend... some dude in a dodge wanted to play... I smoked him BAD! he caught me at the next light and he just smiled and yelled: "yeah, you got me!"



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