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drove out to look at it. It had the price on the windshield...26K:eek:

Thank god i printed out the autotrader ad. Ended up being a "typo" (they claim) but i got it for 1K lower than the ad (20K out the door):bow: . 38000 miles and it kicks ass. Going to pick it up on friday. 04 silverado SS AWD.


pics at dealer



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thanks a lot everyone. This truck is perfect (except for gass miliage but o well)


I will be picking it up on friday. I have to go into the city tomarrow and then to a giants game on thursday. This has been the greatest week ever lol.


mods: on my comp this thread came up as moved...but i don't think it did. What did i do wrong and how can i prevent his in the future? THANKS


2 more days!!!

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well once i get some money back i will do a little...then a little more....etc


what do you guys think shuold be my first mods?  I herd PCMforless tune is a must.  I was also thinking an exhaust and filter....

my first would be cai/exhaust pcm tune/ and headers, then go from there

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