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whats up guys.. well i decided to keep my 1988 formula firebird. im gonna do a ls1 conversion. i have most of the parts needed. i have an extra lq9 that i picked up cheap. just needs minimal work.. i also have my stock trans out of my truck which i have heard can be converted from awd to rwd. my real question is where can i get the correct tailhousing for my conversion? im still doing some reading but i thought maybe someone on here might know where i can get it.. i found out my driveshaft will bolt right in so im good there. basically need to throw a bigger fuel pump in. throw a fpr in.. i have a stock computer out of my truck that i think i may beable to get to work. not sure on that quite yet.. need to get a painless wiring kit. im sure there will be little things but it doesnt look to be that bad to do. compared to my truck project lol.. anyone that can throw me some info would be great thanks!!!

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I thought about doing that to my 85 Firebird, I have a brand new LS1 still sitting on the crate. As for your trans, you will need to change the output shaft and the tailshaft housing you can get out of a salvage yard or buy one new, they are not much, just make sure you get one for a f-body car. You will need to get one for what type of speedo you are running (electrical or cable). The computer will be a little tougher, I was goingto go with the Edelbrock intake setup for a carb with the MSD box to run the ignition. A friend of mine did that to his 84 Olds Cutlass, stock LS1, the carb setup w/650 Holley, 700r4 and flowmaster mufflers. He was putting 383hp at the rear wheels on a dyno :thumbs:

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