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Max tires with 3" rear drop?


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Anyone running 3" drop in the rear (I am using Belltech leafs, but I don't think that matters in this case) and running, say, 305/50/20 tires?


I need more rubber on the road, and was thinking this would help. Oh, on Gibbs wheels too, so that should be the same as stock SSers. I think Berserker is going with 315's, but I am pretty sure that is a custom or aftermarket wheel that is wider and backspaced accordingly.


I am only planning on running those on the rear. Going for a Redneck with mud grips raked look. :P:nono:

Thanks in advance guys,


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I'm going 335s most likely...  but you're right, custom rims.


Stock wheel backspacing, 305's are as big as you can go.  You should have plenty of room for those, with any drop.

Thanks for the help. I was beginning to think people didn't like me!!! 305's here I come.

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