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close call


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was sitting at a stop light yesterday when i felt a wierd bump when i was sitting still and every stop light after that it got worse and worse. I pulled over and took a look under the hood cause it had got to the point that the truck sounded like i had the worlds largest cam in there and it was about to die. I heard clicking under the hood and realized that my wire boot was loose on one of my plugs. It missed so hard that the whole truck was shaking i was seriously thinking something was wrong. Now im thinking of getting a cam pretty hard due the diffence in sound i kinda liked it....lol

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ivehad that happen too.


i also had a little scare today , jon and i went for a cruise and we just got done teaching a new harley f 150 that his truck was slow and then upon returning to jons my truck wouldnt go past 2k rpms without almost dieing, after we opped the hood we found the blower pipe came off due to a busted clamp . luckily it was an easy fix!!

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