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Belt help

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ok i have a little problem with belt slip( radix guys i know you do to) when i get on it anfd then let of it makes a good awful screech! i am running the vortech blower with a 3.1 pulley and 145 amp alt, im running the 114 stock belt (from vortech , but i think it could be a little tighter( like a 113.5) but a 113 wont even fit i have one and tried it( no bueno). so my question is , does anyone know who makes a 113.5 inch belt? id prefer a gatorback as it seems to have a good rep around here. but will settle for any 113.5 belt. and what kinf of belt would you get that is possibly better than a gatorback? and if so i cant even find a 114 inch gator back so any help is appreciated!

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cool thanks, went to the local napa they had it and of coarse it is the smae size as the other 113 i have , looks like im going to take it back!! some one needs to make an exact 114 inch belt not 114 5/8ths

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next size down is:


K061123 ............................... 112 7/8


do you know of any 115 inch belts? im going to try a 3.5-3.6 puley because i put a t trim and it will overboost the motor i think with the 3.3!

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