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Silvania Silverstars

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I've had these bulbs in my truck for some time now and it seems like they don't last for shiznits! :banghead: I swear I've changed out at least 3 bulbs this year. That can't be normal. I mean don't get me wrong, I like the light output compared to stock, but is anyone else unhappy with the reliability of these bulbs?


About ready to purchase some HID's instead. :dunno:

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i have heard lots of stories of them not lasting like you speak i had one set for high beams but i sold them, go with hid lights , i know iwas more than happy with mine, i do however have silversta drl's and turn signals!

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I'm done with them, doing very extensive research on HID's.  :D


Either going with Phillips or Mc Culloch 6000k.  :thumbs:



You'll be happy with them. HID are teh way to go, atlest untill we get the LED headlights that are on a few concept cars.

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Are you making sure to not touch the actual bulb part with your hands? I've heard touch the bulb with your hands will cause the bulb to have a shorter life...I've had a pair last over 2 years on my last silverado (2002)...


i have problems with my daytime driving lights always burning out quickly...Seems like my passenger side always go out every 6 months.

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i have had mine going on 3 yrs. now and no problem at all... :dunno:




Three years on the same set?? :dunno:



same set :thumbs:

maybe just lucky...




ALSO.. on passenger side DRL's i heard there was a voltage issue at the socket. it was higher then the left one. someone said to find a replacement bulb that is good for 14 volts. this was a couple of years ago... i have the amber long life and no problems ..

good luck

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