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Where do I report eBay phishing attempt?


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This one is directed to Justin but if anyone else knows please tell - I just received a pretty convincing eBay phishing attempt in my Inbox and the scammer's site is still up, does anyone have an email address at eBay where stuff like this can be forwarded for prosecution?


Mr. P. :)

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I have been getting several in the last couple weeks, all saying i have either bought things or sold things and i have not logged into e-bay for more then 3 years!All the links go to non ebay sites so i know they are trying to scam me for my password and username and this is not legit, i tried sending a e-mail to e-bay but have not gotten any responce so i just delete all of them now!I dont have time to do the job that e-bay security should be doing, people i hope are smart enough to not type in there password or any info when the first 20 charactors of the web links have nothing at all to do with e-bay in them!

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...I get Spoof 2nd chance offers on anything I bid on that is over 1k. I am so used to seeing them that I play the fools and obtain their accounts for money transfers as well as e-mails and phone #'s. I then copy the e-mail chain to the E-bay spoof address and they do nothing. I just recently started sending the chain to Western Union (since that is where the $$$ transfer was going to happen).


Its buyer beware! Alot of scumbags out there!

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