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Wierd noise in dash


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So, I have this wierd noise in the dash on my 03 ss. It is almost like a clock ticking, very consistant - like a tick - tock, 2 sounds, distinct and audible with the radio on, and it repeats every 2 seconds or so. You can feel the vibrations from the noise when you touch the airbag switch. Changing the position of the airbag switch does not effect the noise...


Anyone ever had this prob?

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I had to replace a recirculation door actuator motor. It was kind of a PITA. Had to take top of dash off, dash bezel, radio, etc. Then I had to snake my arm down in there to get that bastard. Mine screeched constantly until you pushed the recirculation button, then it stopped for a minute and then started again. I HAD to fix it. They wanted like 9 or 10 hours because the shop manual says you have to take out the seats, console, and entire dash. It would have cost me a grand to have it fixed. Thank god I can work on cars.



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