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Bleeding ABS circuit?


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Hey all - is it possible to have air trapped in the ABS circuit? I have completely bled the brakes on the SS twice and there is definitely no air from the rears, and I'm pretty sure the fronts are good too but the brake pedal is still a little soft on the first 1" of travel - not bad but could be a bit firmer (after the first inch it feels ok). So I'm wondering is it possible that there's air trapped elsewhere in the system, like maybe the ABS plumbing? Would appreciate any inspiration anybody has to share...


Mr. P. :)

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I've had that happen before, though not on a SSS. What I did was reverse power bleed the brakes to get the trapped air out.


I got a cheap oil pump gun from Harbor Freight, then used a piece of 1/8" (if I remember right) fuel line tubing to go from the tip on the oil gun to the bleeder on the caliper. Remove a bit of old brake fluid from the resevoir, crack the bleeder, and pump the oil can (filled with new brake fluid) handle several times, then tighten the bleeder.


This is a one man operation and can be done in less than a half an hour to flush the entire system. :cool:

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Mine are the same way but much stiffer than stock after that first inch or so like you say. I figure it's just the fact that it's not a full manual braking system like on most race vehicles with no vacuum assist. I think it's just the extra force exerted from the booster. I can "touch" the pedal anywhere in that 1" soft area and feel that there is pressure being put on the pads.

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