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Got the truck on the dyno Saturday


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One of the performance shops in Jacksonville just got an AWD dyno a couple of months ago. Sat they were running a special, $75 for 3 pulls. So I figured what the hell I'll see what its got :D . They had to extend the dyno all the way to get the truck on it and the truck was almost to long :jester: The fisrt to pulls were on motor, their tach pick up was acting up and said it had 251.5hp at the wheels and did not get a torque reading :banghead: , which seemed a little low because the nitrous pull was 382.2 hp and just over 440lbs of torque ( got it working on that pull). :dunno: if its a 100% cause of the tach pick up problem but it gives me an idea. I only have a 125 shot and the hp went from 251 to 382, thats a 131hp bump, I never have seen a jump like that :confused: I wold have expected a 70 to 90hp bump or so.



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doesnt 251 sound pretty low for a base pull?



Sounds low to me also. We ran detjoe's truck at W2W and it made 268.4 hp and 304.8 tq stock. After a mild tuning it made 281hp and 319.4 tq. This was on their awd dyno. :confused:

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