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The roll pans will be $345 including shipping to the lower 48 if you live elsewhere shipping will be more.


The pans are heavy high quality fiberglass. Any decent body shop can fit one in an hour or so. Some trimmming etc. may need to be done since each trucks body cladding is slightly different. The most common thing is that the bottom drivers side needs to be trimmed.


You will not be able to use your stock hitch. If you want to tow you will need a hidden hitch and and fold away tag holder; both are available from several vendors I got mine from Stylin Concepts.


These pans can be molded in but I don't reccomended it. Several members here have done it and are happy with the result. At least one guy has run his exhaust out the pan; it is more than sturdy enough to be cut for exausht outlets but be careful.


It takes about 2 weeks to get the pans to you once I get the orders. All orders must be prepaid...sorry i've had to many problems getting payment otherwise. I accept paypal or MasterCard/Visa.


You can contact me by Pm or call me at 316-858-1197, this is my Line-X store.


I will enter you name on the thread I'm starting now once I get your payment. You can ask questions there also, I may not vist this thread often.




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