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New 07 Vmax and 07 Silverados


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Here's some pix of the new 2007 silverados up close and personal.


This one is fugly.




This one is niceeeeeeeeeee, the vortec maxx has a lot of extra room in the engine compartment, and theres no more fans running off the motor, they have upgraded to electric fans, maybe thats where all of the extra horsepower is coming from? :D Enjoy







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I believe the increased HP is coming from variable valve timing ... at least on the LQ9 ... don't know if it's accross the board ... Similar to the ecotec in function ...


Revised cam and tuning will most likely go along with the vvt then ...


This is the info I have coming from the proving grounds; second or 3rd hand I'm sure

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the nicer silveado looks pretty clean! although the style is a little different, for some reason the more and more i see pics of the truck, the more i'm starting to like it...


The 07 GMC looks wayyy better tho

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maybe it's just me but these trucks look like they had a different designer draw up each part for the truck separately. one guy does the quarters, another for the fornt end, another for the.........................................



the only thing that seems to flow like it should is the interior. :crazy:

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