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My El Camino is today's featured truck!


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now thats hella cool... if my elky is about 2 seconds slower than that i'll be happy :D


I've got a '69 396 SS, Muncie 4 Speed, 396 bored sixty over (so its about a 409), 9.5:1 compression, a relatively stout street cam, 3.08:1 rear gears.... the list goes on, but I'm hoping it will be a low, low 13- high 12 car. I've got a few goodies like short throw hurst, ladder bars... etc.

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I have a 70 SS396 4 speed that I'm doing a frame off on right now. It has factory A/C, cowl induction, 12 bolt posi with 3.31 gears, buckets, console, gauge package, vinyl top, Disc brakes. I don't have to original engine but I built a 454 with 10:1 compression, 291 LS6 heads and a L88 cam. Ought to be a real runner when I finally get it done. The rear body shell is rustfree and I have a pair of NOS fenders. If I can ever find some time I'll get er done...I have 90% of everything to put it together but my SS (truck) kind of absorbed the budget and my time I would have spent building the Camino. Later



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