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Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!


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currently at work (12 hour shift)  :banghead:


drinkin tonight and goin to Beni Hana's for dinner,

then gotta get up at 4am tomorrow... go back to work, oh the joys of being responsible... :nonod:







Happy B-day man. Even if you don't have as much fun tonight, make up for it this weekend. :thumbs:

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Happy Birthday Brian .... :thumbs::thumbs: Let me know ... I'll call the boys and have them give you an Escort around town ... :D:jester::D:jester:


BTW ... Being Responsible is tought, and at times it's a bit over-rated .... Take at least one night off, for a little "Self-Maintenance" ... :cheers:

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Happy Birthday Brian :cool:


1/4 century old.... :eek:


Wait... it gets better... I don't know when or I forgot...but that's what I recall or somebody told me...I'm really not sure...I'm trying to remember 25...but that was like a 1/4 century ago :jester:


Have a couple cold ones and enjoy

I will hoist a couple for you as well :cheers:

then I'll take a nap :D


Remember 10 cents a day ;)

and 7 friends

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