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Black cherry wheel is in!

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I got the wheel this morning and went ahead and installed it. The job is pretty straight foward and install was simple. :thumbs: Like I read before, the time it takes to kill the power for the airbag probably took longer than the actual time to change everything over.


Picture with the air bag removed.



Wheel out and ready to remove button assemblies.



Button assemblies out.



All done and installed! :thumbs:



When doing this job a couple of Torx bits are needed, a T20 and a T30 I believe. Well of course I didn't have the T30, but my neighbor came to the rescue which allowed me to finish the job instead of having to go to Sears and purchase the right tools for the job. Anyways, I went afterwards and purchased these two sets just in case I run into any problems again. Just to let you all know, I got both of these sets for $19.99 each. :eek: They are normally $39.99 each! :icon_bs: If you need these or even if you don't, go out and get them. It's like a two for one special.


On the left is the regular Torx bits (tamper proof :dunno:) and on the right is the external Torx. :thumbs:



I got a few pics of the wires which are routed to the switch assembles if any of you need them.

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Its the denali clip, I think you can get in on ebay. Damn I forgot who posted it up on here....lemme try and get one for ya



here ya go,


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