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What cam to use

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I have a 2006 SSS. So far it has a PCMforless tune in it , cold air intake, headers, and dual exhaust. I plan on putiing a cam and changing the valvetrain. Here's the deal I dont know enough to decide what cam is going to let me keep drivabilty and get some good hp gains. Any suggestions very apprciated.


Keep in mind I want this to be daily driver so I really dont want to go bigger than a 3000 stall. Also would like to get some good numbers.



I was looking at the texas speed torquer V2-www.texas-speed.com

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I think that cam maybe overkill for a truck, and the intake manifold we have. I would look into something like the

Compcams 54-444-11 XER273HR 224/230 .581 .588 114°


This should work good with a 2800ish stall :thumbs:

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I would stick to the lesser aggressive cams and go with a Comp cam 212/218 high-lift version. If you have your own tuning ability then maybe a little more aggressive. I also wouldn't go above 2600-2800 stall. If you really are rolling on 24's, you'll want to keep the low end as much as possible and a tighter stall will help.


You could go to Futral Motorsports website and ask Allan Futral for a recommendation. He is one of the leading motorheads in the LSx world and his reputation speaks volumes on LS1 tech.


What type of headers do you have?

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