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New pics with the Belltech drop


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Definetly looks better. I'm always amazed now when I see a stock height SSS how tall they look from the factory.


The lowering thing is easy to get carried away with though, as seen by the amount of posts about it on this board. After first installing 2" spindles and 3" drop leafs on mine about 6 months ago, I have since adjusted it a few times down to now what must be more like a 3/4 drop. My fender opening heights (measured inline with the center of the wheels from the ground to the finder lip) now measure 33" in the rear and 32.5" in the front. What do you guys have?

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cant beat a clean SS  :flag: btw i tried to find those motoforge rims for you, no such luck. i plan on getting the spindles and hangers, ill be your test dummie  :P


I"ll eventually find some wheels that really jump out at me. I'm waiting to see the Foose Speedster's on a black SS. Another forum member has them and should be posting pics soon.

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