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The New Silverado and GMC


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Well I was bored stiff this weekend so I took a drive to a couple local dealers to see if they had any of the new trucks yet, and they did. After seeing the new Silverado in person, it is much nicer then the pics online. One of them was unlocked, so I got the check out the inside and I will have to say that the side is much nicer then the previous ones.


Here is a link to the pics I took:


My Pictures


I heard a rumor that Chevrolet is going to make a SS in the new body style. I think if they did, it will be one hell of a sharp looking truck.


Oh, there are a few of the GMC for you to look at too. :P

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yeah pics dont do them any justice i concur, i find it weird that although gm is doing as well as they should be but you would think like the previous generations the trucks would be identical (gmc vs chevy) but the new ones arent alike hardly at all, i mean the new ones have completely different fenders for one.

I wouldnt bet on the SS model for a couplke years though, and imo roof rack on a truck dont look right but i guess some would find them useful . imo i think i like the bowtie better.

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The GMC does look best in pictures, but I found the looks of the Silverado to be much nicer in person. Maybe it was just the color of the silver birch that made me like it better then the GMC one.


I really like the cluster in the new ones, they are nice and easy to read. The Silverado that I was in all lit up a bright, crisp blue, I really liked how it all looked in blue.

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still haven't grown on me yet. Front bumper has that black piece that makes the front end look like it's missing something. I'm not a fan of a two-tone dash in the silvy, plus the fact both look fat(not phat lol). I would love to see one in person but as of now I would have to make many changes to both :banghead: I'll stay with my SS

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