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Installed a few GOODIES!


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Picked up this headunit(DEH-P880PRS) from my Audio Connection in MD, received a Great price..

429.00, Then all the Misc. BS ....Damn this thing gets exspensive QUICK.. 100 bucks for Steering Wheel interface, 100 bucks for the Pinoeer, 100 bucks for Bose interface.... Damn next thin u know a lil over 800 bucks...... :crazy: But this thing is a great HU, the display isnt multi-color..... Which is good for me because I like things to be clean and classy when it comes to my vehicles.


Very nice brushed alum. Finish, very brilliant display. I am Wowed by how much of a Night/Day Difference the processors on this unit make the BOSE system Shine...

In fact I was gonna drop some serious money...Ie. 2 amps for mids/highs and sub. My salesperson said "wait to hear the HU" I was skeptical, but nowI fully understand what he was talking about.


Will I still need a Sub?... Sure, But I dont think I will have to address the other speakers anythime soon. In the past I have had VERY Heavy BASS systems. These were 2 15" Alpine type R and 2 bd 1500 RF Amps, with 2 Yellow Tops.. IN A C4 VETTE 3/4 Wall.

Also 3 Solo Baric 12D's in a 99 Camaro Z-28.

And 3 12" RF HX2 Powers With 2 Bd 1000 RF amps BD SYNCHEd..



So needless to say I love bass, but I dont want to start tearing up a Truck with LOADS of SPL... I was thinking about 1 10" Rockford T3 W a Bd 1000 amp.




Anyways :thumbs: to Premier and AUDIO CONNECTION FOR A GREAT DEAL!




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