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Anyone into Homebrewing?


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I have tried it in the past and the waiting just kills me. I moved a few years ago and there is a Microbrewery within 10 minutes of my house. Now when I get the urge for some beer I just make the commute over and get a "log" keg.

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I know a guy up in Bay City, MI that used to do it and he had at least 6 styles that he would make, most of them I liked. But with that said there is a place in Strongsville, OH (South of Cleveland) where you can brew your beer on site. This way you can drink while you brew and they watch over you (hard to mess it up that way). It is called the Brew Kettle I believe, You make it one day (during a weekend) then you come back in one or two weeks to bottle it. You can design your own label and they will print it out or you can choose from custom labels they have. I think they are on the web and I'd imagine other companies may offer the same thing closer to where you are located.


Last resorts, go to the Bells brewery in Kalzmazoo, MI and get tanked or go over to Wisconsin and tour the Miller brewery. I have done both and am waithing to head out to St. Louis for a Bud plant tour...even though I don't drink their skunk piss. J/K



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