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Semi Rough Idle


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i replaced all my plug wires with 7mm Duralast wires last night.

On the way into work today, i noticed it ran better on the highway, and no more chugging, and no more flashing SES.

but, when i got onto regular streets, and im sitting at a light, it seemed to idle rough.. cant figure out why it would do that.

i dont have a scanner, or hptuners software, so im at the mercy of those who do, or the dealer.

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i took the engine covers off tonight and removed all the spark plug wires again. I then reconnected them, making sure they were on good and tight.

The rough idle has gone away, with the exception of the occasional surge durring idle, which i think is addressed with the latest OS flash of the PCM.. if I can get chevy to do it.


now onto the hard part.. i took her for a spin, while she seemed to accelerate really really well, i felt that same old hesitation that I felt before, and the the SES came on solid. .called OnStar, P0300.. my old nemesis...


im really getting sick and tired of not being able to nail down what the error really is. I have no diag software yet, and no way to test things such as the coil packs, or MAF to see if one of those is faulty. Im wondering if a coil pack or an injector has gone bad. keep in mind my last jaunt to the dealer had all the injectors cleaned again, and #5 replaced. $3 was replaced in August of this year for the same problem.


Anyone in, around, or close to Chicago\Joliet feel like coming out for beer, pizza, and good old SS troubleshooting before I shoot the SS And put it out of its misery??

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