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New Plugs and Wires?


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Hoping to get some good feedback before I get my Dynatech LT'S from Nitroplate. Would you guys recommend changing the plugs and wires when i'm doing the install?? and if so what would you all recommend? :dunno: I have 33k on my SSS currently.. Thanks in advance



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At 33k I would do plugs for sure if they've never been done. Wires are a personal preference. If you have the money or want a little color in the engine bay I say get'em.



For N/A most guys will tell you that the stockers are okay until the carbon starts to burn up around 80k. That being said I put a set of Magnecore wires on at 25k miles. Felt a littleincrease in the low end, wouldn't expect much up high. Lingenfelters has the best price (~$65). MSD wires are supposed to be good as well. Taylor's seem to have a bit of quality problems.



For N/A the plug of choice (and sometimes factory plug) is the NGK TR55. I don't get into the engine that often so I went with the TR55 IX (iridium) because they last about twice as long as the non-iridium plugs. Gap should be set to .050.



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