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Exhaust gasket?


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I have been having problems with my exhaust leaking at the flange after the cat, and i'm tired of crawling under the truck with a can of high temp silicone and patching it up, so i can all burn off in a few weeks... I was thinkin that there is a gasket that is supposed to go in there, but there wasnt one on the stock catback... :dunno:


Here's an illustration so there's no confusion on what part of the exhaust I'm talking about.


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You must not have read the thread about posting in the right topic/forum.


I think this woud belong in general ss, or bolt on.


Just given ya hell :devil:  :D

With so many requests for "What is the best, loudest, baddest, etc. exhaust" I have always thought we should have a Exhaust forum.

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