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GMC Syclones for everybody!


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I was just kinda reading about peoples projects on the internet the other day and I came across this page about building a Syclone Clone.

Anyways, I was just wondering if it would work.


The site said that if you take a 4x4 S10, S15, or Sonoma 1993 or older that you can just switch the differential out of one of those early 90's GMC Safari's or Chevy Astro that is AWD. Is it really that simple?

I realize that the Syclone had a turbocharged 4.3 but I was wondering to myself. So many guys drag race S10's it seems and they all have them tubbed out, I know that tubbing out a car or truck makes it a lot harder to drive on the street, so making an AWD race car would seem to make more sense. An S10 is very light even with AWD, I'd just drop a SBC in there and you'd have a killer for the street and strip. Mind you the Syclone bodykits are hard to come by but a clean black S10 would be sharp.


Anyways, I'm really interested in doing this so I need to know if it really is this easy or is this guy just crazy? Has anyone here done it? Can you make it AWD, drop in a 350 and still keep it AWD?


Any help would be appreciated. I found a 1992 S10 short box 4x4 for 800 bucks an a 1993 Safari AWD for 600, 1400 is cheap for a rocking truck!


Lets hear what you gotta say



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This guy has a book on how to swap out the 4.3 V6 for the SBC V8 of your choice.


I was tempted for a while with my old 91 S-10.

It is a real tight fit, takes a thin radiator, special motor mount adpater plates and a bit of moifictaion to the firewall with a really big hammer :D







Of couse, that isn't enough for some guys. This guy added a Vortech supercharger to a 350 V8 :eek:


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Syty.net is a great resource.


STAY away from s10forum or s-series forum.. they are a bunch of kids with their heads up their asses.. .trust me..


Best bang for your buck throw a nice ls1 in there mild cam and leave it rear wheel drive and have fun.. The awd platform in those trucks is pretty costly to make strong and reliable. The real fast sy ty guys are always snapping halfshafts or breaking trannys or diff's


my .02

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