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Ram 1500


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so i was sitting at a light today and I see this ram come flying up behind me, then gets into the lane next to me. in my head i'm thinking hell yes, chance to kill a ram and show off my new exhaust. right away he ask's me what i have done to it and i tell him about my new exhaust and headers. he told me he had flowmasters, CAI, and superchip. then i asked if he wanted to go and he was up for it. so the light turned green, and i ripped off the line awd style, gaining about 2-3 trucks on him. we raced to about 80-90 then i shut it down with about a truck & a half on him. :thumbs: he really got a good dose of LT's and corsa sport without cats. man, that shit was roaring like a harley. :thumbs: all he had to say at the next light is "damn that thing is loud". we said good race to each other and that was it. man that was fun.

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