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this might be dumb but i want to know?


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what will it take to spin both tires on a burnout. lately i have been doing a couple more burnouts and i can only get the pass tire to spin. i have a 04 silvy reg cab. i dont know if i have posi traction or what but i would like both tires to spin. and to change this would you recomend doing it or no? is this safe to drive with two tires spining together, like if you get stuck in snow or mud?


i know it might be stupid but i dont like 1 tire to spin...sometimes both spin but only when im on gravel or its wet!!

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put one tire on gravel and the other on pavement... if both spin you have a limited slip. (easy way) it sounds like you have a standard rear diff to me, so like mr. p said look into the eaton rear lockers... having a locker/limited slip will make the truck more squirly on snow and ice during acceleration and deceleration. It will help you in the mud... if you were into that kind of thing :D

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