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Just need some opinions on things


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Ok well my truck has been sitting in my driveway just begging to get fixed. Insurance finally quoted my truck for the claim and they came out with $3800. So after the $500 deduct, I should have around $3300 to put towards this thing. So far I have the hood covered so that just saved me a ton of money without buying from GM.


Next was the bumper cover, its messed up but not really broke or anything. There are a few marks on it from the hit. One looks like a bolt head tried to come through the bumper, kinda imprinted itself on the bumper and then there is a scrape. Can our bumper be repaired since its plastic? Not sure how the process would be but I have seen way worse bumpers go on ebay with more damage so I figured that could save me some money and a wait period.


I have the grille already lined up, and I still need a front r/fender but i'm not to worried about that since its a common part.


I figured it is going to cost me around $600-$800 in parts and I can put the stuff on myself as well.


Now this leaves me with a decent chunk of change to work with. I was considering a 2-tone paint job, but since I have been working so damn much I havent even had the chance to talk to the body shop or anything and they are closed today. What is the process of a 2-tone? Do they have to repaint the whole truck or just sand, prep, etc the new area to get painted? I figured they would prob have to wet sand the whole truck and then lay down some more clear over the whole thing so there isnt any major paint lines but like I said I have no clue how the process is since I cant reach the shop or anything. Also what kind of price would you estimate for something like this? Its just in the air for now so I figured any info would be helpfull

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