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23 Unran DTC's

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Holy sh!t that is a lot of codes. Like 5 are stupid stuff(anti theft and cruise control)


However I have a few h02s codes, banks 1 and 2 running lean and rich...wtf...and some EVAP codes as well. Question is I think I can fix most of it with new o2's but the cel only came on once and it ran bank 2 running lean fuel trim. Now I have it for both banks rich and lean codes. So why didn't the cel come on again or for the other stuff.

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where did you get them read at?  I am curious to see if I have any :confused:

I think that it will not display a CEL if it is an intermittent problem :dunno:

I have a predator that gives me all the info. It gives me the numbers on the code and a description on most.

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