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have a couple questions?


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well first off i would like to thankyou for all the other help you guys have giiven me in the past. so i hope i will get the same response. first off i am planning on removing my emblem like some of you have done but one of my freinds said thats illegal because people or cops will not be able to identify your car? dont know if its true but kind of make sense.


also has anyone ever had a problem with a noise coming fromn the dash. it seems like when i am at idle and my radio is off i can hear like popping/moving noise coming from the dash. any one have ideas what it is?


thats all i can think of now if i remeber some later ill post them!!!!


EDIT* also i was wondering about smoking my tailights, is this illegal too? ii was thinking about putting that line of fire bettween my bed and tailgate just to be on the safe side. any other ideas?

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What emblem are you talking about removing? Either way I would still say no its not illegal and you can do it. As for the tail lights, smoking them could cause some issues with the law enforcement in your area, key is to not make them to dark.


Not to sure about the dash thing :dunno:

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