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I asked her and she said yes


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Well guys, I am getting married. I took my then girlfriend to NYC for a night. We went and saw Tony & Tina's wedding which was very good and very fun. Then I took her to the top of the empire state building and asked her to marry me. We are so happy together it is great. Our wedding will be on 08/08/08.


On a side note. After we move in together a convertable C6 will be in our driveway(her idea).



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J/P man!!!





She sounds like a good one if she's talkin about a C6!!! :chevy:




You guys do look very happy - congrats to you both  :thumbs:

Mr. P. :)


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Congrats man.  Why so long out to tie the knot?


Well, we want to move into a new place together so we need money for that first. After we get settled then we will get married. By august 08 we should be ok.


Keep in mind we have only known each other for 5 months.


When you know, you just know.

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