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nasty vette


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I have already watched that video no less than 20 times and I have been having all of my friends watch it. I'm fairly sure the mufflers are disconnected because it blows the straps out from underneath the car. If it was blowing out the mufflers/tailpipes I feel the air would be blowing over the top of the straps.


The car sounds very mean. I think the video clip of the silver vette doing a walk around has the same cam. It has the same lope, just not nearly as loud.

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Funny how the Euro/ricer trash bring up handling in a dyno video (read the responses on that video site). Not to mention that a stock C5 or C6 vette can pull 1G stock with the Z51 suspension package. Let's see, 600 HP and it handles well... what else can we bitch about??? Oh yeah, variable valve timing would make it idle smoother.... :banghead: F-n tards. :crackup:

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