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Shock question


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Okay my brother just asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him that I want a set of Belltech nitro-active shocks. He said "Are they gas?" And I said "Yes". Then he said not to get gas shocks, because over time the gas leaks out and you have to go have them refilled. What the crap, really? :dunno: What other kind of shocks should I get.

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Thanks hot rod. I told him the stockers are gas too and he's still arguing saying that they're different. I don't know. I've told him several things he can get me and to him they are all bad. I give up. :dunno: I'll end up getting a gift certificate and some vhs movies like I did last year. Which wasn't very smart on his part, because we haven't owned a vhs player in over a year. :banghead:

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