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Anyway you get this to fit in a 03 ss?

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Kicker SoloX S10X Model Specifications:

Model: S10X

Size: 10 inch, 25.4cm

Impedance (OHMS): 1 or 2 ohms Dual Voice Coil

Max Rec Amplifier Power (PEAK): 5000 watts

Max Rec Amplifier Power (RMS): 2500 watts

Sensitivity: 85.7 dB 1w/1m

Frequency Response: 24~100 k Hz

Mounting Depth: 8-3/8" (21.2 cm)

Mounting Cutout: 9-3/4" (24.76 cm) square......... :confused:

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Raise the rear seat an inch or two and mount the driver in a forward firing box. I wouldn't suggest it as best however, you'll get a lot of reflection off the back wall of the cab and loose a significant amount of energy due to cancellation/standing waves; this is why in our trucks the best sound is a down-firing box that vents to the rear of the truck. So a lot of guys will elect to raise the rear seat 2" and build a custom down-firing box instead.


Mr. P.

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Theres no pic, just description.  Go take some pics of yours and post em up, cause I want to see.  Is it like the mtx thunderform box only way cheaper? :confused:

These are the pictures off thier website... If I have time today I'll go take a few pictures of mine....



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