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traction question


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well ive decided after a couple of months worth of hard launches that i need something to plant my ass end better to the pavement. ive searched around for caltracs applications but all i see is discussion regarding the awd models. i do plan on upgrading to an lsd but will be going with 4.10's at that point. i still think i will be roasting them from a dead light. somebody must have the answer here for me? :dunno:


besides the water pouch in the truck bed.

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I had the Cal Trax in my 2002 2WD 5.3 Standard Cab Short Bed and loved them. Liked them so much I got them for my 2005 2WD VHO as well. I actually had them installed by the guys down at Calvert Racing, the makers of the Cal Trax, down in Lancaster CA.

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