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Fuel tank caved in...Please help


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My friends dad has a 2003 chevy 2500HD with almost 55,000 miles on it. (No extended warr.) The truck started to take less and less fuel to fill and upon further looking we found the fuel tank had started to cave in on itself. Fuel cap is down to about 15 gal now and the dealership wants at least $1500 to replace it! I am trying to find out if this is a common problem to this year or model. He now has the steering shaft problem (Clunking-loose) and the speedo problem(Says he's going 80 at 30 mph.) that my SS had and of course the dealership says these are not common problems and will be more then happy to replace them at his cost. I need some ammo to go to them with does anyone have the TSB numbers to these problems? Also any ideas on how the fuel tank could have done this? (Plugged vent line, clogged fuel filter, Ect) Any help would be great! Thanks



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Thanks for all the views as of now we are looking at aftermarket tanks and thinking of trying to get GM to cover these things. They all seem to be problem areas except the tank. But the local dealer sas this has happened on two other trucks????? (NOTE: I wouldn't take a flat tire to these guys) But yet the other big city dealers have never heard of this? Hummmmm. Well thanks agian for your help and anymore comments after this would be great.

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