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Guys / Girls .... my son was thought to have an allergy to protein and the doctor put him on Neocate ... well right before he ran out we asked the dr if we needed to keep him on it and they said absolutely so we bought a stockpile... within a week we visited a specialist in Denver and he said that my boy didn't have a protein allergy and we could take him off the specialty formula.


Soooooo..... if anyone is currently using Neocate I can hook you up with some cases of formula. They are all unopened and expire 7/2007 and 8/2007

This stuff is super expensive ( 130 bucks a case plus shipping ) and I thought I would give the SS community a chance at some cheap mix before I get it up on eBay. shoot me a line if you are interested in buying some discounted formula.


*** this is the new formula ... pink can ....... old formula = yellow cans





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