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Corsa Sport/LT Headers/High Flow Cats


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Well, I got the Magnaflow HF cats in now and all I have to say is, this setup is the SHIT!!!! :D:thumbs: Theres always a loud rumble, even when you not completly on it. WOT is extremely loud with that aggressive sounding tone that sounds something like nascar. Its pretty damn similar to Corsa's websites soundclip, but louder. :thumbs: I am very happy with this setup and I'm not about to change it for anything. Anybody looking for a very aggressive sounding exhaust, i'd have to point you in this direction.


I want to post sound clips but i'm not 100% positive on how to do it. Can someone give me a quick rundown on how its done?

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I love my corsa sport, I was driving up to the mountains to go boarding over thanksgiving, and I was passing through a tunnel :devil: and of course the exhaust exit is on the right side, so I roll down my windows in this tunnel and put the pedal down....... holy shit, it was the sickest sounding stuff ever. Next time you're passing through a tunnel, hit the gas with the windows down when you're up against the tunnel wall, its great.

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