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Fellow NC Owners?


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We should meet at Fayetteville for one of the Freaky Friday meets at the track. I have been wanting to go but not made it yet. I want to get some 1/4 mile times before I start tweaking. All I've got so far are 1/8 mile times.

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So ... let's get some dates locked down. I'm definitely up for a meet. :thumbs:


Right now ... I'm busy last half of next week, and the beginning of March ... Gatornationals in FL ...


Then again in April ... wknd. of the 21st. for a wedding in FL.

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Hey being that all you guys are in the NC area.... I just moved here and need to get some good performance work done. Any suggestions on good shops in the area?? :flag:



i like waynes dyno. i hardly ever let someone else work on my shizzle- but wayne is pretty well respected in the area, and he's got a dyno to boot! good rates, good guy- he did a gear swap for me about 2 years ago.



what kinda work are you talkin about?


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