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is there anything off limits?


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The old Astro is going into the garage for a winter overhaul (mostly body work), and I'm thinking of adding some goodies...


It's a 1970 350SBC out of a Corvette... (the guy said it was the LT1, but we're pretty sure it was the base 300hp engine)


1. fully forged rotating assembly (stock stroke), forged pistons (.30 over)

2. a decent roller cam and lifter conversion with a lopey idle

3. Ported and polished Dart heads from my father's old 327 w/ promagnum rocker arms

4. double chain drive.

5. Shortie headers and 3'' exhaust with X-over and Flowmaster series 40's


I've also been looking at the Demon Six-shooter... and I know that it's about the same as a single four barrel, but triple deuce carbs would be pretty cool wouldn't it? I don't know... give me some advice.


It's all backed by a rebuilt 700R4 with a shift kit, B&M Hammer shifter and an aftermarket trans cooler. Chevy 12 bolt with 3.73 Posi...


Oh, and check out this guy's cowl hood... I think it's pretty neat..lol



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here's something to help you make up your mind.





git it grannie!! :driving:


Man after seeing that race i am definately going to have to get me a van. Then I can go on e bay and sell it as an original Astrovan SS. :driving:

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