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what $1000.00 buys these days


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Hi everyone,

A while back I posted about my thousand dollar windfall to mod out my truck...Here's what I ended up with:

- bought a $100. PCM off a fellow member

- Zippy tune for it - $150.

- Zippy towing kit for the trans - $200.

- $200. for the install

- $100. for a B&M extra capacity trans cooler and the hard lines and fittings from a fellow member

- GM bug deflector $74.99

- 160* t-stat from Auto Zone $31.99

Thats $857.... the rest is going for gas for all the test runs :D

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good stuff man, did you ever have that trans shop do the install for the kit? How did it turn out? I would also def like to see how zippy tuned your truck one of these days before I ditch my tuner or buy the software to see what is actually possible to pull out of the PCM

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