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160* tsat???

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hopefully this goes in the right place. a 160* seems like a bolt on. have a question though. was will i gain from this. it seems like a cheap mod and alot of people have it. any +/- on it. is it needed, if i dont have a heavily modified engine. im planning to do a few things to the engine later and have a few bucks in the truck fund so is it worth it????~~Kyle

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lets your engine run a little cooler. supposedly you can get a little more timing out of it that way with your custom tuned pcm. cooler means more power.


mine runs about 170-175 most of the time now with my 160 degree. about 15-20 degrees cooler than stock.

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I talked to Allen Nelson of Nelson Performance today. He told me that the 160 or 180 T-Stat allows the PCM to add more timing because the engine is running cooler. The PCM monitors the engine temp and will add more timing when it is cooler.


He also told me that where I live in Idaho and the winters are cold, I should run the 180, not the 160.


Just thought I'd share what I learned from a man who knows.



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im from vegas anyone know what the part number and where i can get a 160 t-stat?






If you go to Tybrne a great supplier for go fast goodies on this site you can find 2004+ t-stat...Should be around $25


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